About Us

Mobile Life is a dynamic mobile billing, enablement and messaging partner offering developers, aggregators and companies looking to enter Latin America, Middle East, Africa and India markets a complete range of go to market tools. We focus on delivering Latin America, Middle East, Africa and India subscribers new and innovative services and delivering our partners value and profits from the most exciting mobile market in terms of growth and potential in the world today!

What we can do for you...

Mobile Life enables your business to deliver and bill for mobile services and content across Latin America, Middle East, Africa and India while simplifying commercial, technical and regulatory complexities. We specialize in supporting our clients with country-by-country expertise and our platform allows you to move in to each new territory with a clear understanding and confidence based upon the support we deliver from our market knowledge and experience.

We offer both premium mobile billing and free to user messaging and we help you reach out to your customer base and maximize revenue opportunities. Our aim is to grow your business via mobile billing, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Mobile Life allows communication and billing to millions of mobile users across the Latin American region through interaction and payment solutions between three market segments - B2B, B2C and P2P.

Our team has knowledge of aggregation as well as direct to consumer mobile services. This enables our aggregation partner to control their business while we effectively supply the billing and back end capabilities needed to deliver a successful service or campaign. Mobile Life delivers account management, from sign up through to approvals, keyword ordering and short code requests, reporting and CRM. Mobile Life also includes a channel designed to work with both client and regulatory bodies within each market we serve.

We build direct operator relationships wherever possible to give our market position true value. We use a combination of billing solutions and bulk messaging to help our clients gain market share, while maximizing the delivery of products and services to your clients. We offer both billing and marketing services in many territories as well as regulatory support.

Our People

Mobile Life's team of mobile professionals are our strongest asset and what really makes the Mobile Life difference. We know and understand mobile, we are experts in the Latin American mobile arena and we will work hard to make sure your business proposition is delivered effectively and successfully as if it were our own.

Our team is comprised of a group of dynamic and experienced individuals with expertise, knowledge and experience in both global and local markets. We make the difference in everything we do because we know and understand the complexities of taking a service to market in unfamiliar territories and will offer you the bridge you need to enter that new market and successfully deploy and develop your services. We pride ourselves on building long term partnerships with near term results.

Mobile Life dependable, dedicated and direct! Let us work with you and show you how to create the Mobile Life!

Our Technology

Our Mobile Life Connect Platform offers a next gen open standards based architecture, enabling partners to avoid legacy platform integration delays. With an easy to use developer portal, we can enable content and developer partner service to market quickly, in multiple countries and with online, real time solution management.

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