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Mobile Billing and Payment Fulfillment

Make money with your products using Mobile Life’s Mobile Billing technologies

short codes

Dedicated Short Codes

Mobile Life’s short-codes enable end users to purchase or interact with services and goods desired through their mobile phone or websites. This transaction is carried out by simply sending a text message to a five-digit number.

The advantages of Mobile Life’s short-codes are clear; simple memorable numbers, free or transparent price points meaning the end user knows exactly what they are going to be billed, and the fact that the short-codes work across all of the major operators.

Mobile Life offers dedicated and shared short-codes at varying price points to best fit your requirements. Our unique customer interface allows you to track, analyze and evaluate your traffic through our detailed reporting system and we help you reach out to your customer base and maximize revenue opportunities. Our aim is to grow your business via mobile billing, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

SMS MT, MO Billing

SMS billing, also known as Premium SMS (PSMS) is by far the most widely used method of mobile billing.

Market and Operator acceptance, added to the volume of services and content purchased by consumers on their mobile phones, means PSMS is the ideal mobile payment solution for you. PSMS is a fast way for you to drive revenue, a convenient and simple mobile billing mechanism, allowing for the end user to purchase content and mobile services.

Mobile Life provides PSMS billing in the format that best fits you, from one off purchases to subscription based services. When an end user completes a purchase, Mobile Life then passes on the mobile number to the client; you can then create a profile for that user and re-market new services until a STOP command is received.

mobile billing

WAP Billing

Mobile Life’s custom WAP Billing solutions enable consumers to buy content on their mobile and bill it directly to their mobile phone. With our easy to use and trusted technology, consumers can complete an entire transaction within their browser and know exactly what they are purchasing.

  • Content

    • We support a variety of multimedia content, delivering a rich and personal consumer experience.
    • Games
    • Ringtones & Wallpapers
    • Video Downloads
    • Social Networking Applications

  • Sweepstakes

    • IVR and SMS based support for competition products increases mobile messaging rates while building brand strength.
    • Quizzes & Puzzles
    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • Giveaways
    • Reverse Auctions

  • Competitions/Voting

    • Using SMS, consumers can participate in competitions when they compete for prizes or simply cast a vote via
    • TV shows
    • Media
    • Print
    • Online

  • Massive Campaigns

    • Campaign promotions via SMS MT – MO and Subscription connectivity via coordination with Mobile Operators
    • SMS Delivery
    • Subscriptions
    • Campaign designs
    • Regulatory & prize management

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