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Mobile Life Process

Mobile Life is a new breed of aggregation partner. Our easy connectivity and service approvals

combined with our aggressive revenue sharing will enable your business for immediate success!

  • Strong partnership approach

    Understanding your business to build a successful go-to-market plan

  • Multi country launch support

    Launch services across Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India and S.E. Asia using our network of operator billing and connectivity

  • Fast time to market with new services

    Rapid service approvals including regulatory compliance support

  • Mobile marketing support

    Campaign management

  • Online real-time solution management

    Live stats, Finance, Reporting, Account Management, Short Code Admin & Customer Support interfaces

  • Robust billing solutions

    Efficient billing, invoicing and payment processes

Mobile Life Connect Platform

The communication cycle

The communication cycle

The Mobile Life Connect platform offers a next gen open standards based architecture,

enabling partners to avoid legacy platform integration delays.

Mobile Life Partner Enablement

Mobile Life partners with you to understand your business and objectives and will develop a go to market plan to deliver your products. The Mobile Life Connect Platform is architected to deliver a wide array of services supporting our content and developer partners to successfully enable and launch into our markets. Mobile Life offers the best payouts and the most aggressive revenue shares possible for our partners and with an end to end product life cycle approach we ensure that maximum results are achieved from the point of engagement to approvals through to launch and beyond.

operator connectivity

Mobile Operator Connectivity

Terminating messaging traffic on to an operator’s network requires a local presence and a strong relationship along with local operator agreements. Mobile Life has secured these agreements and relationships and offers you a port of entry for messaging services within Latin America, Middle East, Africa,India and S.E. Asia. With our flexible API’s and on-deck distribution capabilities, guaranteed message.

Mobile Life Approvals and Regulatory Support

Mobile Life delivers fast approvals and leverages our position with our operator customers as the preferred Latin American, Middle East, African, Indian and S.E. Asian Integrator. We have built an extensive knowledge base of local market and individual operator regulatory requirements and we deliver this framework in a simple and easily understood set of documentation. With our custom built Mobile FIFA (Framework for Integrator Fulfillment and Adherence) guidelines we ensure that your services are compliant and are also designed and delivered to create maximum traffic and return on investment.

mobile marketing
mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Life can assist with your marketing campaign design and offer local market knowledge and guidance to deliver the right message. We can also assist

with operator coordination and offer access to On Deck opportunities for advertisement and product placement. We deliver personalization, scheduling and programming support and our gateway enables you to send high volumes of marketing messages to multiple territories, at low costs. We handle all of the associated regulations and rules, allowing you to focus on the marketing campaign and delivery.

Mobile Life Stats, Reporting and Call Center Services

Mobile Life delivers customized real time on line stats reporting, designed specifically to support how our partners manage campaigns and gauge results. With clear easily understood monthly reporting Mobile Life simplifies the entire process of reconciliation and inter country payment transfers. Mobile Life offers personalized Call Center Services with our local in market teams. With dedicated local language speakers we deliver personalized and localized customer service support for our partners. Having knowledge of your individual service and campaign combined with product and regulatory knowledge will make sure your subscribers are satisfied while service revenues are optimized.

Mobile Life delivers the following services for each country:

Exclusive 01800 line for each partner service for subscribers

Local helpdesk person exclusively to answer customer calls

Calls are answered during business days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with after - hours voice mail and email support

Weekly reports are created and delivered to partners detailing all customer support activities

payment solutions

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Life makes Mobile Payments simple. Our technology enables a seamless mobile device and web integration experience, yielding an efficient and trusted consumer purchasing experience. Maximize your customer conversions and make operator billing purchasing quick and trusted using Mobile Life. We deliver a solid user billing experience and make sure your services deliver optimized results via our enhanced retry, renew and lifecycle management tools. Mobile Life makes payment transfers easy and efficient. Get connected, get live, get paid!!

Make money with your products using Mobile Life’s Mobile Billing technologies